Gill Raley wants to hear from 'weaners in LA

Hi all! Got this message through LJ mail from Gill.

"Hi BLWers! I've been approached by the producer of The Doctors TV show ( for a feature on BLW. Because I'm over in the UK, I can only take part by Skype but they'd like someone in the studio too. Is there a BLWer out there who lives in the Los Angeles area and would be interested in taking part? If so, please email me: Thanks!"
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hello fellow weaners! i am Jesy & this is my daughter, Audrie. she's going to be 9 months next Tuesday. i basically started BLW without even realizing it was a thing. it was only after some searching on Pinterest that i discovered the wonderful world of BLW. i have been annoying my friends with recipe pins ever since! so far, we've done the basics; banana, sweet potato, mashed potato, winter squash, cereal, yogurt, green beans & homemade pancakes, to name a few. she is in LOVE with this plan, too. she doesn't even want anything to do with baby food at this point.

i would love any advice, recipes, ect. i am also always open to new mommy friends if any of you are looking. i don't post a lot, but i try!

nice to meet you all! ♥

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Hi to everyone!
My daughter is 1 year and 3 months old. I'm concerned with her behaviour while eating. She takes a piece, bites it and throws away to the floor. And does the same with all the pieces of food. It irritates us a lot. We are doing our best to be patient and explain to her that food should not be constantly thrown away, but she doesn't seem to understand. I need some pieces of advice. Thanks in advance!

New "weaner" posts

Last year I had my third child and second weaner, "Bear". I also have a few new blog posts about BLW on my personal blog. It's ad-free, so check it out:

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And I have at least a few more I want to publish in the coming weeks. Hope these are helpful!

New here!

Hi! I'm new here. I have a little guy who turned six months old last week. We started solids two weeks ago at the direction of our pediatrician, who has been seeing the kiddo for suspected reflux and slow weight gain. He recommended starting with rice cereal, and moving on to yellow vegetables. I was reading The Baby Book and that's the first place I heard of BLW, then it was mentioned a few times on Baby Center and I've got my husband quite interested as well!

I did make some home made purees (sweet potato, and butternut squash) and have been offering them, along with rice cereal, but occasionally I've also offered banana, avocado, or rice rusks (mum mums) as finger foods. He loves the rice rusks, as well as anything pureed, but he will not put anything in his mouth on his own. He is constantly shoving his bib, his fingers, his toes, toys, and everything else into his mouth, but never his food. Gah! Anyways, if hold the food up, he eagerly leans forward in the high chair to start gumming on it; he just won't put it in his mouth on his own. Bananas, for example, end up squished and spread around the surface of the high chair table, which is fine, but I wish he'd at least try to eat them like he tries to eat every non food item he sees.

Anyways, on to a question. As I mentioned, he loves baby mum mums, but I've been told they're too high in sugar and salt, plus of course they haven't got the added iron like the rice cereal. Is there any recipe for making a home made cracker, maybe out of rice cereal that he won't eat on its own, that's a similar easy to dissolve texture?

Question two... anybody have experience with reflux? It was suggested that the rice cereal might thicken things up and help but he doesn't much like it. In fact he rarely eats more than a teaspoon or so of anything; I don't think he has a tongue thrust reflex, but he does end up dribbling a lot of food back out...

Formula fed babies and BLW

Hi, my name's Stephanie. My daughter Lilliana, 7 months, is in my icon. She's a lovey, cuddly, wonderful little kiddo. Due to IGT and a tongue tie her pediatrician wouldn't cut, she's formula fed. She swiped a piece of bread from me at 6 months and has since refused all purees. Stinker. Anyway, 99% of BLW info online is about breastfed babies. She LOVES apples, and has had a wide variety of vegetables, a few pieces of chicken, a pork chop, white fish, wheat bread, oranges, etc. She's become very good at drinking water from an open cup with my help, and is offered 4oz of water at every meal (twice a day-ish). She usually drinks 2-3 and plays with the rest. Other than offering water, is there anything specific I need to know about BLW and formula? Her (new!) pediatrician said I'm safe to offer her anything but honey and milk products, but what's the deal with that baby yogurt?? Also, baby juice? I haven't given her any juice yet, just because we don't keep it in the house, but is it a problem? Can't I just water down juicy juice? Anyway, gad to be here! I love all your awesome babies and their eating skills!

Allergy question - shellfish (really just crustaceans)

Double post, but this one actually has content.

My daughter is 2 and we have given her pretty much every food we can think of that we actually eat even semi-regularly... except for one thing: crustaceans. In general we've given her different kinds of seafood, including clam chowder (so she has had mollusks).  So far no allergies or signs of allergy or sensitivity as far as I can tell.

My husband and my father in law are allergic to crustaceans (shrimp, crab, lobster, craw fish, etc - the ones with the hard red shells when cooked).  My husband has yet to have full on anaphalactic response, but he can tell that he'd be in trouble after eating more than maybe small bite of cross contaminated food, which he will occasionally do on accident.  His dad discovered that he was allergic when he had lobster for the first time as an adult (!?!?!?!) and had to be rushed to the ER because his throat shut pretty much instantly.

I'm really nervous about offering these to my child, but I also don't like it hanging over my head as a big fat terrifying allergy threat.  I would rather KNOW.  I would like, for instance, to be able to order a shrimp taco at a restaurant and then not worry about her snatching a piece, or (if the allergy was really bad) giving her a kiss afterwards or having her randomly stick her hand in my mouth (it happens...) and having her swell or something.  Basically, I REALLY miss eating shrimp and would rather not have to do it only at lunch when I am out by myself.

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how to go about offering foods that are a higher risk of allergy for your particular family (rather than worrying about an "out of nowhere" allergy).  I'm seriously considering just going to a restaurant right next door to the ER in the middle of the day when they are not particularly busy and feeding her a piece of shrimp, but that seems more than a little bit crazy/ paranoid.

Edit: I'd also heard/read that it's better to introduce allergens while you are still breatstfeeding.  We still are and I'm due with another kiddo in 8 weeks, so I was thinking that after my milk comes in again (mostly dry now) and she's feeding more regularly would be a great time to try something out.  Thoughts there??

funny ancedote

My daughter is 2 and is pretty much eating whatever we do as she has been doing, although the "hard stuff" like asparagus and lettuce still seem to elude her.  I can't tell if she just doesn't like them or if they are more trouble than they're worth to eat for her.

But here's the anecdote:

My grandmother had a stroke and has been in the hospital for 10 weeks.  She has been on a feeding tube and is just now weaning back on to solid food starting with puree.  My mom called me to ask about what kinds of foods seemed to work best for making purees, because the ones at the hospital tasted gross and she wanted to make her own. I think the hospital may even just use jarred baby food.

Mom: "since you made all of Dorothy's food, I figured you were the perfect person to ask."

Me: "Umm... mom, you do remember that I didn't really do the whole puree thing with her, right?"

Mom: "Shoot, that's right, you were crazy and just gave her BROCCOLI.  Well, MY MOM'S mouth muscles aren't developed enough for that."

Me: "Well, I don't suggest rice cereal.  What about mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie filling or bean dip?  You know, stuff that normal adults eat pureed."

Mom: "oh yeah, right, I suppose not everything pureed is baby food. thanks."

I did send her a list of a few things I could think of (like mashed pears with ginger and cinnamon, cauliflower puree, bean dip, mashed potatoes, mashed yams, her own recipe for acorn squash with cheese and heavy cream, pudding, etc) but it was still a pretty funny conversation.

They also tried to make her chew runny applesauce... which is apparently difficult to do because you instinctively just swallow it.  So, hopefully she moves on to "roughly mashed" foods pretty quickly...