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Babyledweaners: a baby led weaning (BLW) community
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Your baby can explore the exciting tastes and textures of solid foods through self-feeding.

Our community

Welcome to babyledweaners! Our community focus is on baby-led weaning (BLW), a way of introducing your developmentally-ready baby to solid foods through self-feeding. Here you'll find resources, help from experienced members, and occasional news bits on BLW. We invite you to ask questions about baby-led weaning, and share food preparation tips, recipes, your baby's food experiences, and pictures of your baby discovering new tastes and textures!

Community rules and recommendations

1) Please introduce yourself (if you're comfortable)! Suggested info to include, for example, is
Name, Age, Child name(s), age(s), and any previous methods of solids introduction used, How long you've been practicing BLW, How you found out about BLW, a brief background about you and your family, etc.
2) Please be respectful. This a safe place to ask questions, give advice, and share our experiences.
3) Don't snark, feed trolls, or cause drama.
4) Please don't change the font face, size, or color of your entry.
5) TAG your entry. Choose a tag from the list of existing tags when you make a post. When talking about a new food, please use the food name in your tag list. If you don't see a tag you'd like to use, for example, "tomato," type it in. Please note that the moderator reserves the right to add/remove/modify tags at any time.
6) Feel free to advertise your community or blog related to baby led weaning. Please ask permission from the moderator before advertising BLW-related products.
7) Place all photos behind a cut with a description. Check out the LJ FAQs for info on making cuts.

If you have any questions, concerns, problems, or suggestions for the community please contact ladycoreopsis via private message (PM).

New to baby led weaning? Check out these FAQ

What is BLW?
What's the difference between baby-led weaning and child-led weaning?
How does BLW work?
But what about purees and weaning spoons?
When can I begin BLW?
Won't six-month-old babies choke on finger foods?
What's the difference between gagging and choking?
What is gagging and why does it happen so much in babies?
What should I do when my baby gags?
What should I do if I think my baby is choking?
My baby is formula-fed. Can I still practice BLW?
My baby has reflux. Does this mean we can't practice baby led weaning?

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